Besides carefully selected raw materials and the highest industrial processes used in Delikates factory, we also carefully choose packaging for our products. This packaging, with it is modern conception and great design, is completely able to represent our spice pepper to the all sympathizers and admirers of a good and quality supplements for food.


The range of the „Delikates spice & pepper" Ltd. products consist of spice pepper products which are made from the best quality paprika in Vojvodina.

Final products of Delikates are:
mild red pepper, hot red pepper and pounded pepper.
The final products of spice pepper divide on the following product categories:

  1. delikates extra ground sweet spice pepper >120 ASTA
  2. delikates ground sweet spice pepper 100-120 ASTA
  3. red ground sweet spice pepper 80 - 100 ASTA
  4. red ground hot spice pepper (capsaicine content 0,05 - 0,07%)
  5. light red ground hot spice pepper (capsaicine content 0,05 - 0,07%)

Delikates spice pepper (mild, hot, and pounded) are packed in the following variants: in big bags - from 5, 10 , 20, 25 and 40 kilograms in a small bags - from 100, 200, 500 and 1000 grams

Also, we have our products delivered conformably to arrangement with our customers.

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