In Vojvodina and in Hungary paprika is often used in the culinary art. You can not even imagine tasteful food without using top quality spice pepper in preparing meals such are: „kulen" (kind of home made salamé), „kobasica" (sausage), fish soup, paprikas (veal stev seasoned with red pepper), gulas, perkelt,...

At the beginning, paprika was used only in a walthy Middle Ages families like an exotic, decorativ supplement to the main meals and later it was used as a pepper powder. Since the time when the massive production of paprika was established in Europe, red pepper powder has been used as a basic supplement in the making many different meals.

Climate with good weather conditions, suitable ground and traditional experience in producing and manufactoring paprika on the north Vojvodina has brought international reputation to the leal population, generally thanks to the great quality which is a result of the long tradition and experience in producing paprika.

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