On the north Backa, autonomous Province Vojvodina in Serbia is a small place called Martonos. This ancient settlement was always well known becouse of it's geographical position which has the great conditions for any kind of agricultural work. In the centre of the village is "Delikates spice & pepper" ltd. Factory for manufacturing and trading industrial-spice paprika.

We, in Delikates spice & pepper, are trying to unite all the high industrial and working processes which are used in a modern business technology today. With more than 17 years of a quality experience Delikates has built enviously reputation in this agriculture area. The proof of that is a huge number of our satisfied customers, and also very important -many awards for our work and quality for our spice pepper!

Besides many co-operators, assistants and customers in country, Delikates also has business conections with some European countries.

By carefully production and control of spice pepper quality, Delikates has successful and long tradition in manufacturing spice pepper in this area and that brings a good reputation to Vojvodina in our country and also in foreign countries.


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